Case referral

We help you offer the best nutritional support to your patients.

How can we help you?

Expert Pet Nutrition is a support service for veterinary clinicians. We can help you offer the best nutritional management plan for your patients.
It is easy!

Option 1

If you are located in Ireland, you can refer your client for an in-person appointment by Dr Villaverde, in Midleton (county Cork), at Skinvet ( and at Veterinary Specialists Ireland ( in Summerhill, County Meath. Please email contact@expertpetnutrition if you are interested. !

Option 2

Remote consult. Follow these steps.


Download the forms to refer the case

One form needs to be completed by the veterinary team and one by the pet carers


Complete the forms in as much detail as possible

This information, together with the relevant diagnostics, will allow us to assess the patient’s situation and to provide you with the appropriate nutritional support recommendation.


Send us the information

Send both forms (completed by the veterinary team and the pet carers), recent labwork and other pertinent diagnostics to We will start assessing your case right away.


We send you a report with our recommendations

In a few days you will receive a document with our nutritional evaluation and feeding plan proposal for your case:

For home-made diets we provide information for pet carers: recipe, preparation and storage.

  • Diet choice
  • Feeding management
  • Daily amounts

Note for pet carers

Our service works exclusively through primary care veterinary teams to ensure the best care and follow up for the patient. We recommend that you consult with your veterinary team if you have questions regarding your pet’s diet, and they are welcome to consult us with any questions at or on this website.

The payment can be done by bank transfer or by credit card/PayPal.

Do you have further questions?

If you are interested in our services do not hesitate to contact us.